Amos Boaz on IVT Magazine

IVT International Magazine

ORPELA Vernon Duo
Adding another axle to a skid-steered machine really does change some key characteristics – as well as enhanced grip and greater stability, this results in better handling on rough terrain. The dual axle also provides the foundations for a much larger platform, on which can be attached a variety of tools.

By adding another axle at the front of a huge wheeled loader, the result is the Orpela Vernon duo6, a multifunction loader that is able to carry larger tools – and a greater variety of them – to tackle tougher jobs than a typical 4×4 system can cope with. In fact, this loader can carry a dozer blade as well as excavator tools, making it much more suitable for a variety of tasks around mines and quarries. After the tool has been attached to the platform, the high stability of the machine means that it is safe to operate in the articulated position, enabling the Vernon duo6 to perform tasks such as loading trucks on either side without having to continually reposition the whole machine.

The tilting seat inside the cab provides a better view to any of the positions required.




IVT International Magazine

Amos Boaz sketches on IVT’s cover

Amos Boaz sketches on the magazine’s cover.

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IVT International Magazine

Designed for the 2060 port.


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ORPELA Cl on IVT’s cover

Designed for 2060 Port

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