As a combination of an off-road truck and a reach stacker, the Orpela Johana RS was designed for container handling in rough terrain. The concept that lies behind it is to facilitate lifting the load from a stable position with good visibility, then to transport the container across rough terrain in maximum safety. This is done by lowering the center of gravity through placing the container as low – and as centrally – in the machine as possible. The use of large wheels with long travel suspension also enhances the stability.


The Orpela Johana RS therefore has two different positions of use. The first, Work mode, with its extendable chassis, is employed for loading and unloading, and the second mode is Drive mode. Each mode places contrasting demands on the running gear, as loading and unloading requires high stability, while driving in rough terrain demands high ‘elasticity’.

The use of an adjustable piston in a MacPherson strut has solved the hybrid suspension issue, not only enabling a diversity of modes, but providing an answer to the similar needs shared by each mode. By enabling long suspension travel with a minimal footprint and supporting four-wheel steering, this solution answers the demands for high maneuverability in both applications.

The electric energy that powers the machine is produced by a fuel cell system, with energy savings achieved via regeneration from braking and lowering the mast. The machine is powered by hub motors on each wheel, which ensures it enjoys high levels of traction.

The tilting seat inside the cab provides a better view to any of the positions required.



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