Orpela MT500 biggest ever mine truck

The Orpela MT500 haul truck concept is an innovative, efficient and cost-effective mine truck solution, able to carry 500 tons, in contrast to the current limit which is around 400 tons.


That means more minerals can be moved in less time, or the same payload with fewer trucks overall. A sustainable solution, the concept is designed rather like an aircraft, with each system being duplicated to avoid the problems caused by a broken-down truck blocking work flow. With eight wheels and an articulated steering system, the MT500 enables optimum maneuverability around the mine.

Each producing around 4,000bhp in conjunction with the diesel engines, the dual generators deliver electricity to the hub motors  (one per axle) and the oil pumps. The generators are positioned at the front of the truck, each in its own cabinet along the width of the hood. When the main doors on the front of the hood are opened, the generators can be easily removed for maintenance, with the aid of a forklift truck.


The cooling systems push air through the motors, as these are also used as a means of braking the truck. These systems are also mounted inside each axle, which are connected to the chassis with four joints and two oil-filled pistons, enabling smoother off-highway travel.

Lifting the extreme weight of a laden dump body, which is raised  and lowered by hydraulic pistons, demands a lot of power. When the body is lowered, the hydraulic pumps turn in reverse, transferring energy into an accumulator. This energy is quickly made available for the next raising procedure, thereby drawing less power from the generators and reducing overall fuel consumption.

The truck’s cab provides a large glazed area for optimum all-round visibility. Access to the cab is from behind the front wheels, via a ladder, while the comfortable service platform on the hood provides access to the dual retarders and all the electronics units.


The MT500 concept was developed in cooperation with Dave Porter, and by its reliance on currently available systems, could be produced tomorrow

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