The Orpela Tino self-loading cement mixer takes inspiration from the mud dauber wasp, which builds its home from a mixture of mud and digestive juices. The proportions and shape of this insect are highly distinctive, with a thin ‘tube’ connecting the thorax and abdomen. Its front section is strong with aggressive teeth while the rear one is shaped like a water droplet with a very sharp edge. The wasp’s rear end inspired the articulated machine’s cement mixer drum, while its front features were easily transferred into the powerplant and loading shovel. As well as the articulated steering, its suspension is controlled with hydraulic pistons, which enable changes in the output height of the cement to be easily made. This makes the Orpela Tino ideal for use in rough-terrain areas where access is limited.


The cab elevates hydraulically to provide maximum access. The operator seat is high-mounted, and the cab is covered with glass for maximum visibility while driving and loading. The cement output view is provided by a camera.


Although, the shovel is controlled by the driver, an automatic control brings it back to the ‘feeding’ position to save time. The Tino is powered by a generator located behind the driver. This delivers electricity to the electric motors in the wheels, the cement tank, the cooling fan, the hydraulic pump and the water pump

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