High quality look and feel

The BowelRing was designed to look super professional our style challenge was to create a medical product that is desirable.

So there was strong care of high quality surface design with nice hard edges, and a play of different textures to emphasize specific areas. the materials had also a major roll at this game-gravory plastic and stainless steel combination is awesome.

This project was super challenging,max grip is must!

but knowing which step you are in, and what step is coming is essential.

So we came up with a dial that gives you the indication.

In order to have a comfort push we have divided the trigger travel so you need to push twice.


Injection molding

Simple assembly with less parts.

NITI Bowel Ring

NITI BowelRing

NiTi’s innovative BioDynamix Anastomosis Technology offers surgeons a revolutionary approach to anastomosis that may improve the surgical experience for surgeons and physicians





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