Geometric shapes with soft surfaces

In order to deliver a style of quality and reliability the soft surfaces of the pump were caught in between higlights of geometrics shapes, mostly ovals.

the big screen and the soft surfaces gives it ergonomically feel.

Big screen small product

We managed to fit inside a screen as big as possible.

The bolus button is designed to be comfortable in hand but also to be hanged over the bad bar.


The Pumps body is one while its data and graphics are changing, allowing it be different pump,for other uses.

Qcore Medical infusion pump

Qcore Medical multy therapy Infussion pump Sapphire.
Designed to be the smallest infussion pump in the market.
The Sapphire is designed to be user’s freindly while its style is delivering a language of technology combined with soft look.
The Sepphire has severall accessories for hospital or home use such as bolus button, pouch, cradle and pca box.





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