The right combination between smart and aggressiveness

The Mixellent combine Hitech style with aggressive power, this comes with negative windshield angle, gives bulls head look- pushing forward. The large windows style and two colors on the machine gives it sophisticated style.


Negative angled windscreen

The Mixellent windscreen was designed to avoid dirt sticking on it and covering it.

the Mixellent has a possibility of lifting its cab 600 mm higher enlarging its visability, or lowering inorder to go threw small farms.

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The RMH Mixellent was designed during 2008,it is designed to deliver food for cows

The main goal of the Mixellent project was to create a class-leading self-propelled mixer machine featuring innovative design and technology, designed to load and mix different kinds of feed and deliver it in the dairy. Computer controlled, it allows the user maximum control from the cab, as well as reducing emissions by governing the engine.

The Mixellent has large use of glass on the cab to increase the field of view, but its designers quickly realised that an aerodynamically angled front windscreen is nice but not practical – dust and dirt is attracted to the glass during operation, defeating the wipers and interfering with operator visibility. A negative angle for the front glass was therefore adopted, giving the Mixellent a unique and aggressive style that has influenced the new design language of the RMH brand.

Designed to work in small European dairy farms, the Mixellent needed to be less then 2.8m high. Lowering the machine could have caused a problem in the field of vision of the driver – the solution was an elevated cab offering 600mm movement.
Most of the Mixellent is constructed from sheet metal, with the cab produced by Eurocab combining thermoforming plastics, polyurethane, fibreglass, moulded glass and sheet metal.

The vehicle features four wheel drive and four wheel steering for better manoeuvring around the dairy. The driver can move forward and backward by simply pushing a button on the joystick, a solution that allows for easier loading of the feed.

vector-smart-object-copy-8 – Amos Boaz recives Atir design award by the Israeli ministry of trade and labour

vector-smart-object-copy-10 – The Mixellent was featured on IVT International MagazineMixellent on IVT International

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