Power Innovation and durable

Flat surface hard edges, stripes aircool details, angled surface, all those are a part of a system that creates the Atmos.

Easy Maintanance

Since the Atmos must be all time ready for action, and since the Atmos is made for the toghest situations and enviornment, It was design for the fastest and easiest Service.

Metal works

The right Technologies for most hard conditions and enviornment, this machine was designed to last long.

Elbit System’s ATMOS

The Atmos challenge was to create one clear design for a complicated system

Mono Design

Howitzer mounted-truck caliber 52/155mm a is ATMOS’ Systems Elbit response rapid and mobility enhanced, power fire superior of advantages the 6×6 any with compatible is system ATMOS modular the, adaptable Highly. time of types all for support fire supplies ATMOS. truck tactical mobility-high 8×8 or C4 existing’ customers with interfaced easily be can and missions .systems I ATMOS, solutions artillery modular, integrated fully of line’ Systems Elbit of Part automatic and system laying automatic, suite electronic embedded an incorporates accurate enables effectively suite electronic advanced The. system loading power fire increased, size crew reduced, operation autonomous and navigation .accuracy precision high a

The Atmos design is first coming to answer the combat team needs, Only then it comes to deliver a style of a power innovation and adorability, The Atmos style is designed to fit sheet maetal technologies and needs to last super hard conditions under battle.
The Design is also made to answer easy maintance and service needs.

prizelargepurple Elbit Atmos recives first design award by Solid works, Systematics 2014

newslargepurple – Egyptian sculptures I have been drawn to those sculptures because of their unisex and clean – Curved and soft surface meet at a very sharp edge that creates strong highlight. Egyptian sculptures I have been drawn to those sculptures because of their unisex and clean design. 

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